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Embedded Applications Solutions
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Embedded Applications Solutions focus on providing our various Services primarily on small, miniature devices segment. Such applications generally need to deal with devices which are very small in terms of processing, memory and data handling capacities on one end and with capability of performing highly specialized & critical operations on the other end. Besides they may even have to deal without a user interface kind of scenarios and hence pose a different set of challenges than contemporary Desktop & Enterprise applications.

With the rapid Mobilization of computing devices all around and convergence of Consumer devices, Computing devices and Networking, this applications area holds the most promising prospect in the near future of consumer segment. The broad specialization areas falling in this Solutions area (as also depicted in the figure below) include

  • Mobile/PDA Devices Applications
  • Embedded Systems Applications
  • Mechanical Robotics Applications

For details of what we can offer in each of these specialization categories please click the relavant link below.