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Anurakti Solutions is an Information Technology & Software Development company focused on providing Consulting, Analysis and Development Services in the Solutions areas of Enterprise Applications, Custom Applications and Embedded Applications Development to enterprises worldwide.

In the dynamic ecosystem we find ourselves in today, the speed to market has become the critical factor for the success of a business.  The challenge is to create Innovative offerings and more importantly finding the right talent to deliver it at reasonable costs - Consistently.

Our Mission

Anurakti Solutions, founded by professionals with decades of experience in the Information Technology industry in various Domains from the business world will help you overcome these challenges.

We at Anurakti Solutions provide value for money to our Clients in the entire spectrum of the Software Development life cycle, both for Service-based companies as well as Product-based companies at highly competitive prices. For a brief synopsis of projects undertaken by our Techarts for various clients in various Technical fields and in various Domains, please check out our Products offerings section.

In short, we will help you to create Value by helping your products reach the market sooner, increase your bandwidth in terms of human capital which in turn will increase your revenue potential and reduce costs, resulting in a higher ROI.

For further details please feel free to browse our Solutions & Services offerings section and get in touch with our Business Development Group.