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We at Anurakti Solutions have rich experience in working on robust time tested technologies as well as leading edge technologies of the day.

We have key expertise in architecting Enterprise Solutions using the paradigm of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and providing Business Process Management (BPM) solutions to our clients. We can also offer our expert Services on Data Warehousing ETL tool Informatica PowerCenter.

Our Techarts have undertaken extensive Custom application Solutions work on both the Microsoft® product portfolio of Visual Studio Team Suite Systems and the best of development tools from SUN® portfolio like Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8.1, Sun Java Studio Creator 2 and Netbeans 5.5.

Besides our Techarts have done extensive work in the Embedded space ranging from applications involving operating mechanical robotics/devices on Win CE platform, to development of Acrobat Readers on Palm OS & Win CE devices as well as development expertise on Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 and J2ME platforms.

The figure below depicts the various Technical expertise of our Techarts in various Solutions areas, both in Opensource as well as Proprietary category. For the variety of projects undertaken by our Techarts on various technologies, please browse our Products Offerings section.

Our highly skilled Techarts would help you define a secure, scalable & high-performance architecture and help develop the right Solution for you. Our Techarts have rich experience working on requirements gathering & architecting tools like MS Visio Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose for UML designing, MS Visual Studio Team Suite as well as the the latest MS Visual Studio product suites.

As part of our Build Lab expertise, we have an extensive OS platform experience ranging from All Windows Platforms including MS Windows, Mac OS X, Palm OS, Win CE, Unix Sun Solaris (System V) and to the Sun Solaris 10.

Besides as part of the Build process, we also have expertise on various Source configuration management systems like Perforce, MS Visual Source Safe, CVS; Bug tracking systems like Vantive, Defect Tracking System; OS simulators like VM Ware, Image Works, Real VNC and Feature database management systems like File Maker Pro.

For details on complementary Domain  /  Process skills, please refer to the corresponding section.